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Investment & Trust Services - Product Benefits

Investment Management: With our investment management team we have unsurpassed expertise in the financial services industry. Our goal is to provide quality service to our customers while applying a consistent and disciplined investment approach in meeting their goals and objectives. We employ a team approach with each relationship ensuring each customer enjoys the depth of our expertise as well as responsiveness in meeting their needs.

Endowments & Charitable Trusts: Our professional experience in managing endowments and charitable trusts enables the boards of these organizations to actively and effectively seek out prospective new donors and major gifts. Through our management of these funds, we are able to create and secure a perpetual flow of income that will sanction the charitable purpose of the fund, and further establish the fund in perpetuity.

Trust Management: Our technical expertise separates us from other firms as we are able to offer additional services such as tax planning and preparation of returns, payment of bills and expenses, legal interpretations with regard to tax consequences on the sale of real estate, distributions of income or principal, transaction record keeping, account statements and tax reports.

Retirement Plan Services: Our comprehensive services for retirement plans include superior client service, retirement plan consulting and investment education through the custom design and implementation phases, as well as the management of retirement plans, while acting as an investment consultant. Additional key elements include the investment selection process, monitoring the plan assets, record keeping and conducting employee education. To enhance these services, we have partnered with BPAS, a full service retirement provider devoted to simplifying the role of Human Resources.

IRA Rollovers: Our experience in assisting with rollover products and services includes facilitating lump-sum distributions from qualified plans, investment management, tax guidance and the annual disbursement of plan funds when required.

Custody: In situations where third party investment firms have a contractual relationship with their clients which entails solely making investment decisions for the client, we are able to offer our professional expertise as custodian by performing contractual administrative functions to service these accounts. A few of these functions include the safekeeping of assets, executing purchases and sales per instructions, collecting matured and called bonds, issuing itemized statements, collecting dividends and interest in addition to the disbursement and reinvestment of funds per instructions and record keeping for tax purposes. Additionally, we are able to offer Portfolio Account Link (PAL), which enables our clients to access vital account and system information via the Internet.

Portfolio Access Link: PAL is an online link to your investment portfolio, including balances and daily activity. If you are interested in signing up for PAL, please complete the online registration form.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss these products further, you may click here to contact a Trust Officer today.

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