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Debit Card Travel Advisory

In an effort to combat Debit Card Fraud, it may be necessary for Bank of New Hampshire to block certain transaction types in other states or countries. This page will communicate which transactions are currently being blocked due to high levels of fraud that was attempted or committed. 

If you will be traveling to one of these locations or frequent a blocked merchant category, please contact our Customer Solution Center at 1-800-832-0912.  In some circumstances, we have the ability to grant an exception rule to your debit card.  

Domestic Blocks 
Grocery Stores and Discount Stores (Wal-Mart, Target) outside of NH  - transactions must be done as a Debit Card using a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Transactions at these locations done as a credit card will be declined.

  • Card present transactions in PA for home supply, office supply, stationary, home furnishing and clothing stores
  • Card present transactions in NY and CT for liquor store transactions greater than $50.00  
  • Card present transactions in NY and NJ for children’s, infant wear, game, toy and hobby shops greater than $75.00  
  • Card present in NY for pharmacy transactions greater than $50.00  
  • Card present at Macy's in NY, PIN required 
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates – card present both PIN & Signature  
  • Miscellaneous food stores (such a Sam’s Club, BJ’s) – card present for signature only on transactions $49.00 and greater  
  • Variety stores (such as Dollar General, Family Dollar) – card present for signature only on transactions $49.00 and greater  

International Internet Blocks
- All international internet transactions over $200.00 (excluding Canada and Mexico).
- Spain (Internet transactions over $50.00) 

International In-Person Transaction Blocks
All transactions that are done in the following African countries (excluding lodging/restaurants and automated cash advances) 

- Morocco
- Tunisia
- Senegal
- Benin
- Nigeria
- Tanzania
- Mozambique
- Algeria
- Egypt
- Ivory Coast
- Cameroon
- Angola
- South Africa
- Zimbabwe

Other Blocked Countries
- Brazil
- Libya
- Ukraine
- Romania
- Malaysia
- Philippines

- France (card present transactions only)
- Italy (card present transactions only)
- Spain (card present transactions greater than $75 only)
- China (card present transactions only)

Protecting our customers from identity theft is one of our top priorities. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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