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Introducing eBILLS a new feature for Bill Pay Users

eBills is the latest addition to Bank of New Hampshire’s Bill Pay service.  It allows consumer Bill Pay users the ability to view billing information from participating merchants, directly from within Bill Pay.  Imagine your bills being presented to you online, in one location, with no paper involved.    


An eBill is an electronic summary of your standard monthly paper bill.  All applicable bills from your list of payees will appear on the Bill Pay Home screen.  The setup process can be completed with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Once established, each available eBill will be automatically retrieved from the merchant and displayed within Bill Pay.  It will remain in the eBill section until you are ready to view and pay the bill. Once the bill is paid, the eBill is filed in the eBill payment history and stored for future reference. 


The eBill service is a new feature of our Bill Pay service.  There is no additional cost for this feature. 


If the eBill is for a Credit Card, you will typically see the following information: 

  •  Statement Balance 
  •  Minimum Payment Due 
  •  Payment Due Date 
  •  Statement Closing Date 

If the eBill is for another type of bill, you will typically see the following information: 

  • Payment Due 
  • Payment Due Date 

Once the billing data is received, a communication will be sent advising you that your eBill information is available.   


You will see four eBill Summary Sections which include: 

Due - When the bill is received, it will remain in the “due” status until you take action by making a payment, filing a payment, or setup AutoPay.  5 business days from the due date, a “Due Date Approaching” email is sent to you. You will be able to view the eBill details or schedule a payment from this section.  After the due date passes, the eBill is no longer “due”; it will show as “Awaiting New Bill”. When there are no eBills “due”, this section will advise you that “There are currently no eBills due.” 

Awaiting New Bill - lists all the payees that have an eBill status of “Awaiting New Bill”. The eBill status will change to “Due” when new eBill information is received. 

Troubleshooting - this will appear if you experience an error during the eBill setup process or when we attempt to collect your billing information and there is an error.  You will be prompted with actions to correct these issues          

Sign Up - “Sign Up” lists all of the eBill eligible payees that are not yet signed up. 

eBill Screen One


When you log into Personal Bill Pay, you will see a section identifying all your current payees that participate in eBill.  Simply click on the “setup eBill” link next to the payee and enter the User ID and password information for that payee.  You must have direct online access with the payee that you’re establishing.  If you don’t currently have a user account with a specific payee, please visit the payee’s website for information on how to get registered.

eBill Screen Two

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