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Schedule of Account Fees

 Effective 01/13/2014  Current 
 Abandoned Account Escheatment  $75.00

 Account Activity Printout 


 American Express Gift Checks 


 ATM/Debit Card Alternative Delivery Address 


 Debit Card Replacement 


 Business Debit Card Replacement     $15.00

 ATM Overdraft Fee** 



$32.00 per item 


$35.00 per item 
 ATM Withdrawal at Non-BNH ATM  $1.00

 Automatic Payment Overdraft Fee** 



$32.00 per item 


$35.00 per item 

 Bank Treasurer’s Check 






 BeMobile Deposit   

     First 10 items deposited (per statement cycle)

No Charge

     Charge per item deposited (over 10)

$0.75 per item
 Bill Payment Inactivity Charge (After 3 statement cycles)   


$7.00 per month 


$10.00 per month 
 Check Guarantee  $25.00
 Check Printing Costs  Vary with choice
    Customers age 60 or older receive free printing
    of a predetermined style of checks.
 Checking Account Reopen  $5.00 

 Coin Services 



No Charge

    Business Customer-Sorted Coin

$6.00 per bag 

    Mixed Coin

$8.00 per bag 

 Collection Items Deposited to BNH 


 Combined Statements 

No Charge
 Debit by Design  $10.00 per card
 Debit Card International Transaction Fee*  Up to 1% of U.S. dollar amount  

 Deposit Bag-Zipper 


 Deposited Items Returned 

$12.00 per item 

 Foreign Currency/Draft Collection 

    Customers $25.00 + cost
    Non-Customers     $50.00 + cost

 Foreign Currency/Draft Purchase 

    Customers $25.00 + cost
    Non-Customers $50.00 + cost

 Facsimile (Fax) Services 


    First Page


    Remaining Pages

$3.00 each

 Invalid Address (for returned statements)  $5.00 per month 
 IRA Plan Closeout (any closing of the plan except required minimum

 IRA Transfer Fee (partial transfer to non BNH account)


 Legal Fees (garnishments, writs, levies)


 Lost Passbooks Replaced 


 Money Order 






 Multiple Statement Mailing  $5.00 per month

 Notary/Signature Guarantee (non-customer)


 Overdraft Collection Agency Fee     $15.00 per acct

 Overdraft Fees** 


    Consumer NSF Paid Item Fee

$32.00 per item 

    Consumer NSF Returned Item Fee

$32.00 per item 

    Business NSF Paid Item Fee

$35.00 per item 

    Business NSF Returned Item Fee

$35.00 per item 

 Overdraft Charge (Negative Balance Checking Accounts)

 $5.00 per day (beginning on the 7th day)


$.25 each page

 Research (1 hour min.)

$30.00 per hour

    Copy per page (8.5" x 11")


    Statement Copy

$5.00 per stmt

 Safe Deposit Box Drilling 


 Safe Deposit Box Late Payment 


 Safe Deposit Box Lost Key 

$25.00 per key

 Savings Account Closed Within 6 months
 of Opening & Not Transferred to Another BNH Account


 Security Packs 

Vary with choice

 Stop Payment 



$32.00 per item 


$35.00 per item 

 Telephone/Fax Transfer (Assisted by Employee)  $5.00 per transfer

 Temporary Checks 

$0.50 each

 Transfer Overdraft Protection 



$10.00 per day

   Business $25.00 per day

 Travelers Cheques 


 Vasco Token Replacement 


 Wire Transfers for Customers 




    Outgoing - Domestic


    Outgoing - International


* Mastercard International Assessment Fee - 0.80% of U.S. dollar transaction amount if conducted in a foreign country; additionally, 0.20% of the U.S. dollar transaction amount if converted from a foreign currency. 

* * Fees apply to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means. For consumer accounts only: Overdraft fees apply if your negative balance exceeds $10 at the end of the day, and a maximum of five overdraft/returned item fees will be charged per day. 

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