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Schedule of Account Fees

 Effective 03/16/2015 Current 
 Abandoned Account Escheatment  $75.00

 American Express Gift Checks 

 ATM Withdrawal at Non-BNH ATM - Domestic  $1.00
 Bank Treasurer's Check - Customer  $5.00
 Bank Treasurer's Check - Non-Customer  $12.00

 BeMobile Deposits - Charge per item (over 10) 

$0.75 per item
 Bill Payment Inactivity Charge (After 3 statement cycles) - Consumer  $9.00 per month

 Bill Payment Inactivity Charge (After 3 statement cycles) - Business 

$10.00 per month 
 Business Debit Card Replacement  $15.00
 Check Printing Costs  Vary with choice

 Coin Services - Business Customer 


    Sorted Coin

$6.00 per bag 

    Mixed Coin

$8.00 per bag 
 Debit by Design  $8.00 per card
 Debit/ATM Card International Transaction Fee  2% of U.S. dollar amount  
 Debit Card Replacement  $5.00

 Deposit Bag-Zipper 


 Deposited Items Returned 

$15.00 per item 

 Facsimile (Fax) Services 


    First Page


    Remaining Pages

$3.00 each

 Foreign Currency/Draft Collection/Draft Purchase - Customer 

$25.00 + cost
 Foreign Currency/Draft Collection/Draft Purchase - Non-Customer  $50.00 + cost

 HSA Mistaken Distribution Fee

 Invalid Address (for returned statements)   $5.00 per month 
 IRA Plan Closeout (any closing of the plan except required minimum

 IRA/HSA Transfer Fee (partial transfer to non-BNH account) 


 Legal Fees (garnishments, writs, levies) 


 Money Order - Customer 


 Money Order - Non-Customer 


 Multiple Statement Mailing  $7.00 per month

 Notary (Non-Customer) 


 Overdraft Charge - Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge (Checking
$5.00 per business day beginning on 7th business day
 Overdraft Collection Agency Fee     $25.00 per account

 Overdraft Fees* 


    Consumer NSF Paid Item Fee / NSF Returned Item Fee

$32.00 per item 

    Business NSF Paid Item Fee / NSF Returned Item Fee

$35.00 per item 


$1.00 each page

 Research ($15 minimum) 

$30.00 per hour

 Safe Deposit Box Drilling 

Cost + $50.00

 Safe Deposit Box Late Payment 


 Security Packs 

Vary with choice

 Stop Payment - Consumer 

$32.00 per item 

 Stop Payment - Business 

$35.00 per item 

 Telephone/Fax Transfer (Assisted by Employee)  $5.00 per transfer

 Transfer Overdraft Protection - Consumer 

$15.00 per day

 Transfer Overdraft Protection - Business 

$25.00 per day

 Travelers Cheques 


 Vasco Token Replacement 


 Wire Transfers for Customers 




    Outgoing - Domestic


    Outgoing - International


* Fees apply to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means. 

Equal Housing Lender    Member FDIC