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May 2023

Password Checklist
Passwords are the locks on your account doors. You keep lots of personal information in your online accounts, including your email, bank account, and your tax returns, so you want good protections in place. Here’s a checklist to make sure your passwords are secure. Read More

March 2023

Getting Rid of Your Phone
If you’re going to upgrade, sell, give away, or recycle your phone, Bank of New Hampshire recommends following these steps to remove your personal information from it. Read More

February 2023

Use Two-factor Authentication to Protect Your Accounts
Your accounts can store a lot of personal and financial information. That’s why you protect them with a password. Unfortunately, passwords are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. But there’s a simple way to make your accounts more secure. Read More

Data Breach Tips
Banks are national leaders in preserving the security of customer data. The industry dedicates hundreds of millions of dollars annually to data security, and adheres to strict regulatory and network requirements. Read More

January 2023
How to Recover Your Hacked Email or Social Media Account
There are lots of ways to protect your personal information and data from scammers. But what happens if your email or social media account gets hacked? Read More

December 2022
Warning Signs of Identity Theft
Once identity thieves have your personal information, they can drain your bank account, run up charges on your credit cards, open new utility accounts, or get medical treatment on your health insurance. Read More

November 2022
Tips for Financial Caregivers
Financial caregivers play an important role in ensuring that all finances — from routine to complex — are managed wisely, helping their loved ones maintain the best quality of life possible. Read More

September 2022
Mystery Shopping Scams
Getting paid to shop sounds like a dream job — especially if you’re looking for a side job or going to school full-time. Don’t let your dream job turn into a nightmare. Read More

August 2022
Job Scams
Criminals promote fake job opportunities through many of the same job boards that legitimate companies use, such as online job sites, social media platforms, and newspapers. The fake postings claim to offer employment but are instead used to acquire victims’ personal information and financial assets. Read More

July 2022
How to Safely Use Public Wi-Fi Networks
Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops, libraries, airports, hotels, universities, and other public places are convenient, but often they’re not secure. Learn about ways to safely use public Wi-Fi when you’re out and about. Read More

June 2022
Protect Yourself Online
Although the internet has many advantages, it can also make users vulnerable to fraud, identity theft and other scams. Read More

May 2022
Protect Your Small Business Account
Corporate account takeover is a type of fraud where thieves gain access to a business’ finances. Read More

February 2022
What You Need to Know About Romance Scams
Millions of people turn to online dating apps or social networking sites to meet someone. But instead of finding romance, many find a scammer trying to trick them into sending money. Read More

January 2022
Free Trial Offers Can Cost You
You’ve probably seen ads online, on TV, or on social media for subscription offers. They could be for anything from beauty creams and dietary supplements to snacks and magazines. Some say you can try the subscription for free, but it might not be true. Read More

January 2022
A Pack Rat’s Guide to Shredding
Is your home a pack rat’s paradise? You’re not alone. As you start spring cleaning, are you wondering what to keep and what to shred? Read More

January 2022
Tips to Protect Your Mobile Device
Your mobile device provides convenient access to your email, bank and social media accounts. Unfortunately, it can potentially provide the same convenient access for criminals.  Read More